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The strength of a team lies in its ability to highlight and develop individual skills. To achieve this, MAN Energy Solutions encourages and implements constructive cooperation, for example between the German and French teams. Here are two employees who have experienced this.

Nicolas Schébot is a site manager in the Power Plant team in Saint-Nazaire, Nik Huelsen is a superintendent in Augsburg. The former has been carrying out assignments on various construction sites managed and piloted by Germany since 2019, while the latter has just spent several months in Saint-Nazaire as technical project manager on the EDF PEI contract – replacing Anaïs Hélie during her maternity leave. For both of them, the international dimension is an essential component of rich and constantly challenged professional careers.

Nicolas Schébot: from Saint-Nazaire to Jena

Since joining PrimeServ in 2007, he has worked on a series of repair/overhaul projects around the world, before "branching out to power plants. Since 2019, he has been 100 percent integrated into the Power Plant team. In this capacity, he is required to work on projects led by Augsburg, where his skills are an asset. Since the summer of 2020 and for about another year, Nicolas is assigned as site manager on the Jena project in Germany. Before that, he spent many months in Bangladesh. From one professional culture to another, his ability to adapt commands respect. "Saint-Nazaire is my professional home base, but expatriation is the only way I see my profession and my future career. My close collaboration with the MAN Augsburg teams started in 2010 with the Port Est project in La Réunion. Being originally from Moselle and living only one kilometer from Germany, I speak fluent German and do not feel any difficulty, culturally and linguistically speaking, to position myself in this type of collaboration, quite the contrary. From the beginning, the welcome I received from my German colleagues was excellent. On the current project, we are working in confidence with the project team and the management in Augsburg. The Jena site represents a professional challenge in my career at MAN: it is an EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning) project, i.e. the complete construction of a power plant, from the construction of the buildings to the handover of the keys to the end customer. For my department in Saint-Nazaire, this proves that the French and German entities are perfectly capable of working closely together on complex projects. And it's in our interest to do so!

"My collaborative experience in three words: travel, human contacts and versatility."

Nicolas Schébot

Saint-Nazaire is my professional home base, but expatriation is the only way I see my profession and my future career.

Nicolas Schébot

Nik Huelsen

Nik Huelsen: from Augsburg to Saint-Nazaire

This is not the German superintendent's first international experience, far from it. UK, Africa, America, France... Nik even lived in Colmar for a while! Until he arrived in Saint-Nazaire to take over from Anaïs Hélie during her maternity leave, he was providing technical support for the EDF PEI project and, as such, was already working with the Saint-Nazaire back office. His 100 percent integration on the project gave him a new perspective on this unique contract... and offered him the opportunity to share – and develop – his technical skills. Nik impressed his colleagues in Saint-Nazaire with his high level of expertise, his professionalism and his great human qualities. "This type of inter-site collaboration brings a lot to each other. It makes us realize that we are not evolving in two separate worlds, that we are moving in the same direction. I enjoyed my experience in Nazaire enormously, on all levels. From a personal point of view, I discovered a very pleasant region by the sea and, above all, was admirably welcomed by my French colleagues. From a professional point of view, I gained a new perspective on the EDF PEI contract, for which I was previously only confronted with technical issues. In Saint-Nazaire, I learned what it was like to be in direct contact with the client, to negotiate and to contribute to a project of unprecedented scope, both for me and for MAN. I realized the strength of the team spirit that animated everyone. The language barrier could have been a hindrance because my level of French was not sufficient in a professional context. All our exchanges were therefore in English and I would like to thank the whole team for their ability to work in this language, and particularly my assistant Jean-François Lopez for all the efforts he made on a daily basis to strengthen his initial level of English. Beyond the EDF PEI contract, my stay in Saint-Nazaire made me realize the driving expertise of our French employees. I'm happy to have brought back to Augsburg expanded skills, strong human relations and a knowledge of the Nazaire site that we didn't have before."

"My collaborative experience in three words: team spirit, technical collaboration, initiatives."

This type of inter-site collaboration brings a lot to each other. It makes us realize that we are not evolving in two separate worlds, that we are moving in the same direction.

Nik Huelsen

Aerial view of the site MAN Energy Solutions Saint-Nazaire

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