It pays to be persistent

Africa offers more opportunities than risks, something MAN ­Energy ­Solutions 
has long been aware of.


Great potential for renewables

Hervé Lorieux, SBU Power’s Sales Manager in Africa, provides an insight into his work.


MAN ­Energy ­Solutions  wins ‘Africa Europe Award’

A stable power supply is the biggest challenge facing many states in Africa. So far, MAN ­Energy Solutions has put 3.2 gigawatts of generating power into operation, an achievement that resulted in the company being presented with the first ever Africa Europe Award in 2019.


The hope is palpable

MAN Energy ­Solutions is also engaged in social projects in Africa. We present two examples.


Human Resources Development--620x465

(How) Will agility help us with the challenges we are facing?

Susanne Hörmann and Daniela Busse-Agster are concerned with agile working methods in Human Resources Development. In this interview, they explain the possibilities and limitations.


Mirko Petrovic--620x46528

“We constantly have to re-earn people’s trust”

There are some new faces in the Augsburg production management team. We introduce our colleagues in a loose order. In this issue: Mirko Petrovic, the new Head of Turbocharger Production.


MAN's memory--620x465

MAN's Memory

The Historical Archive in Augsburg holds nearly two million documents relat-
ing to the history of the company and its products. Chief Archivist Jana Lösch gives us a glimpse behind the scenes.