System monitoring with a single metric 

The MAN CEON digital platform evaluates systems’ operating data and flags up the need for action in good time in the event of a problem. The algorithms it uses are constantly evolving and will soon offer valuable new applications for our customers.


“We can trace  the uniqueness of a component.”

Using TRUST, the product life cycle can be traced from supplier to customer for the first time. Dieter Kandler, Vera Peukert and Stephan Schuster provide insights.


‘Data is the new oil’

Isabel Menasch (GGKM) on Marketing Automation Software as a tool for staying close to the customer – especially at a time when personal contact is limited.



In the driver’s seat

The Head of MAN Cryo in Sweden admits she is most comfortable working at ‘300 km per hour’. But it’s all part of her drive to help ‘connect the dots’ in our portfolio and make us the leading solution provider for liquid energy forms.



Under new conditions

MAN Energy Solutions remains committed to vocational training, even in difficult circumstances. In September, 194 young people embarked on their careers in Germany and Switzerland.



Franco-German cooperation

It is 180 years since ­Ludwig Sander and Gaspard Dollfus founded Sander’sche Maschinenfabrik – the beginnings of MAN in Augsburg.